Getting Ready For Your Professional Sitter


  • Make sure there will be enough food, treats, kitty litter, etc. while you will be away.
  • Let your Pet Sitter know where your dog's leash is kept.
  • Notify your Sitter ahead of time about medication and leave written instructions.
  • ID tags on each of your pets.
  • Provide outdoor pets with plenty of water, shelter, and a secure enclosure.
  • It's a good idea to give your Vet the name of your Pet Sitter, especially important if your Pet has a health condition.
  • Let your Sitter know of anything out of the ordinary (sinks that don't drain properly, toilet that over flows, etc.)
  • Be sure to leave your thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your pets while you will be gone.
  • Let your Sitter know if anyone will be in your home in your absence.
  • For outdoor dogs, secure the yard and lock any gates.
  • Place cleaning supplies where they will be easily accessible if needed.
  • Put potentially dangerous plants or decorations up away from pets reach.
  • For Renters, let your landlord know the name of your Sitter in case of emergency.
  • Even if you will be able to be contacted make sure to provide the name and phone number of someone who will be able to make decisions on your behalf




Q: What does bonded mean?
A: Bonded means that we carry an insurance bond that protects your home against employee theft.

Q: What kind of insurance does Affordable Pet Care carry?
A: We carry general business liability insurance that covers your pets, home, and property.

Q: What does an interview consist of?
A: We come to your home to meet you and your pet(s). At this time you will meet the pet sitter/dog walker who will be assigned to care for your pet(s). We will ask you for pertinent information directly related to the care of your pet(s) and home. At this time, we will also require your house key(s), alarm codes, password, and a deposit.

Q: How many visits per day do I need Affordable Pet Care to come to my home?
A: As a general rule dog sitting requires 2 visits per day and cat sitting requires 1 visit every other day.

Q: Will Affordable Pet Care give my pet(s) medications/injections?
A: We will pill your dog or cat and administer ear or eye medication and topical ointments as long as it is feasible to do so. We will also administer injections (to horses as well) -such as insulin and antibiotics- that are necessary, again as long as there is a reasonable expectation of success. If it would be problematic, we would advise you to board your pet(s) at a veterinary clinic.



We'll Love Them When You Have To Leave Them
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