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Initial Consultation Is FREE

We will visit your home to meet your beloved pets and customize our services for your special needs.


Sitting Services Always Include:


     Feed, water, and exercise of your pets.

     Enrichment and playtime.

     Personalized visits to fit you and your pets individual needs.

     Love and affection to your pets while you are away.

     Meds and injections administered if needed.

     Preparation of any specialty foods for your pet. 

     Puppy training if needed



Our Special Touches Are Free...

At your request, we can provide any of the following:


     Water and care of house plants.    

     Take in mail and newspapers.

     Turn on/off lights, television and radio.

     Take in/out garbage.

     Take any phone messages.


Pet Sitting Rates:



               $15-$20/visit - Each visit is up to a half-hour and includes all the above.



               $15-$20/visit - Each visit is up to a half-hour and includes all the above and

                                     cleaning of cat litter. 


Birds/small mammals/reptiles/fish -


               $15.00/visit - Each visit is up to 15 minutes and includes all the above and

                                              cleaning of cages. 


Horses, stock, and other exotics -


               $15.00 to

               $30.00/visit - Each visit includes all the above and will be tailored

                                     for your farm care needs.


Overnight Pet Sitting


               $35-$55/visit - Overnight visits provide your pets with a sitter for a

                                     minimum of 11 hours.  The sitter arrives at your home by

                                     8pm or earlier and leaves the clients home at 7am or

                                     later.  All additional services are included with

                                     overnights, including dog walking.


Time Saving Services


Mid-Day Dog Walking

This is the perfect "stress" reliever and potty break for your furry friends.


               $20.00/visit - Visit includes a half-hour walk/jog and water bowl refill.

               $30.00/visit - Visit includes one hour work-out walk/jog and bowl refill.   

      $75.00/week - Monday-Friday once a day half-hour "Mid-Day Walk".


Pet Taxi/Transportation

Need a helping hand?  Use Ours!  We can take your pet to the vet or groomers.


                    $20.00/hour - Time is charged from pick up till drop off and back again

                                       if needed.


Waste Removal

Who has time for yard clean up?  We Do!  We pick up and bag the mess.


                    $40.00 - 4 times per month

                    $70.00 - 8 times per month

                    $100.00 - 12 times per month


Pampering Services


Winter and Spring Brush Outs 

Is shedding a huge problem around the house?  Then it's time for a long extensive brushing to remove all that loose hair so it doesn't end up all over the house or pen. 


                    $25.00 per animal - And we clean up our mess


Bridge Of Light Service


When the time comes and you cannot be there to make your pets final journey to the veterinarians office, we can be there to make that last trip for you.  It is our priviledge to hold and comfort your beloved pet so that they can be in familiar arms when they peacefully say good-bye one last time.  There is NO charge for this service and you must make all the necessary arrangements with your veterinarian.  This service is for established clients only.







***If you have any questions or concerns regarding these prices, please call (559) 325-3545.


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