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We all have run into the problem of having animals that could not go on vacation with us.  On top of that I have livestock and unless you have family or a good neighbor you will NOT be able to leave for any period of time.  It is a HUGE inconvenience to ask someone to take time and effort to tend to your animals in your absence, and that's where Affordable Pet Care comes to the rescue of animals and families alike.   When you cant' take them with you, Call us.  We'll love them when you have to leave them.  Affordable Pet Care provides Companionship, Comfort, and Quality Care to household pets and farm animals when you have to be away or perhaps just need a little extra help.


As an avid animal lover, I found it almost impossible to leave my animals without causing emotional stress to myself and my animals during absences.  This was just one of the reasons I created an Affordable Pet Care service.  Rural communities such as ours, where almost everyone has a horse, are not able to take our animals to a kennel for that once or twice a year trip.  Even a weekend trip can be hard to navigate with out a Professional Pet Sitter, one that can handle Horses and other tasks associated with a larger property.  My name is, Buffie Cilluffo, and I have first hand knowledge of most farm animals.  Through my 11 years with the 4-H Club I raised, cared for, and showed horses, dogs, pigs, chickens, and bunnies.  I spent 3 years in the Pony Club of America where I taught riding lessons to younger children including care, health, and general horsemanship. I spent two summers on a local Dairy Farm where I did everything from mucking out stalls to administering shots and worked one summer for the local Vet.  One can never know enough about animals and I am a firm believer in staying up to date while expanding my knowledge regularly through magazines and books.





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We'll Love Them When You Have To Leave Them
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